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Steel Grating

WE MAKE STEEL GRATING ACCORDING TO THE SIZE YOU NEED WITH EXPERIENCE SERVING VARIOUS FACTORY REQUIREMENTS. Model Steel Grating: - Serated Combination Thread - Full Serated without Screw - Aligned combination or full plate strip Finishing: Galvanized Standard Size: 1 "x 90cm x 6 meters (Ready Stock) AIS STEEL GRATING / PLAT GRATING AIS and COMPONENT A. Safety Grating : board (sidewalk) (tread) (step) must meet or exceed Federal Standards for Security Grating, RR-G-1602D B. Slip Resistant Grating: (board) (sidewalk) (tread) (tread) should be constructed from one sheet with side channel formed integrally and surface texture INSTALLATION A. Check the area to receive the Grating for the obstacle Tell the Engineer the conditions that will affect the installation or subsequent utilization of the area Do not proceed with installation until unsatisfactory condition is repaired B Install the Gratings according to the manufacturer's recommendations and as shown in the construction drawings Section C. Postion Gratings flat and square with the tip of the bearing at least 1-1 / 2 "to support s structure. D. Keep the part at least ¼ "away from the vertical and ½" steel parts of the concrete wall. E. Allow clearance in joints between sections of maximum ¼ "in the side channel and maximum 3/8" at the end. F. Random bands are cut ends and diagonals or circular cut off exposed edges with at least 1/8 "thick bars welded at contact points G. Join adjacent parts of the road with manufacturers provided splice plates, bolted or welded as specified.
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